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Why Outsource Payroll

It makes sense for new, small and larger businesses to outsource their payroll to an online payroll company.  Here are some reasons: 

  • Reduce Cost – It may be cheaper to pay a service than an internal employee to process payroll
  • Save Time – Payroll staff and employees will save time not having to re-key information with an integrated system.
  • More Expertise – You will gain access to experts in the payroll industry
  • Better Compliance – You will not have to keep up with all the federal, state and local tax calculations and rules
  • Reduced Legal Risk – With accurate and on time payroll processing you should have  less problems as well as spreading the risk to a third party
  • Reduced Embezzlement Risk – Outside payroll companies may be able to provide you reports to identify payroll irregularities
  • Increased Productiviity – You and your staff can spend more time working on core business activities
  • Increased Accuracy – Not having to retype hours and other information will improve data accuracy
  • Increased Speed – With the third party payroll provider printing checks, stuffing envelopes and other functions you can speed up large payroll runs
  • Anywhere Access – You will have to payroll information anywhere over the internet
  • Better Reporting – More predefined and exception reports will help you better manage your business

Call us at (312) 574-0080 to see if it makes sense for your company to use an online payroll company.