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About Us

We started Online Payroll Companies to help people figure out which payroll company to use.  We have had our own businesses and had to figure this out ourselves.  The main thing we always wanted was someone to talk to about our options.  So we present information on our site but also have partnered with people in the industry who are willing to take any calls about payroll.  Be sure to ask them about a discount.

Full Disclosure

Some of our partners that we connect you with may work with payroll vendors and so in addition to helping you with your payroll questions they may try to educate you on their products.  We may also receive some type of fee or income for the referral.  However, all of our partners our knowledgeable about the industry and will be happy to answer any payroll related questions you have.


All of the information on this site is provided as is and no warranty or guarantee is made as to its accuracy.  Payroll information, laws, regulations, calculations and companies are in a constant state of flux and people should do their own research to verify information.  Users of this site release onlinepayrollcompanies.com from all liability related to the use of this website.  Any additional information obtained from companies on this site, or referrals on this site, or from any contacts on this site are the opinions of those individuals and companies and not of onlinepayrollcompanies.com.  By requesting more information by contacting this site through the phone number, email, fax, form submission or any other means the requester acknowledges that their request is being passed onto other parties including vendors that may pay a referral fee back to onlinepayrollcompanies.com and further acknowledges that their information may be passed on to more than one vendor and also that their information will not remain private and that the referred to vendor may not keep their information private.